Old Scratch's Burn Pile "Carlos Sotona"

by Hem&Lock Tapes

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This tape could be called a children's story gone wrong or a children's album gone swimmingly. The base of all the songs were recorded within' an hour written on the spot and put to tape with not much forethought by Kristo & Zeng. What unfolds the tale of a young boy/girl adventuring through a world in which all the land has been eaten up by the ever expanding ocean. The only way to get around is to travel from giant lily pad to giant lily pad. Our hero makes a few friends along the way and learns some hard truths about what it is to grow older and older. Can our hero make peace with him/her self in this vast water world? Can you, the listener make peace with yourself in the world you surround yourself in?

I haven’t had to unravel a mystery like Old Scratch’s Burnpile in quite a spell. Seems these fellas don’t have much of an internet presence, to say the least. Carlos Sotona could easily be the name of this band rather than the name of the album. I just don’t have enough information at my disposal to make these kinds of calls. Just about the only thing I AM qualified to report at this point is that whatever this tape is/was/will be/could be/should be, I like it. It’s not the sort of material you listen to every day; it’s much to jarring for that. We’re basically talking about a spoken-word extravaganza with Shaggs-style accompaniment, if you can even call it that, chiming on in the background. Southern accents, whimsical topics, and a confused guitar player slipping in and out of consciousness in the background. Sounds like a limited template, but it’s anything but. You might even say Ol’ Scratch, if that is his name, pushes the limits more than most endeavor to these days. For fans of that tape that came to me shoved into a doll’s nether-quarters, Albert’s Basement, Chance Meeting On a Dissecting Table, and poop.
-Grant "Gumshoe" Purdum (tiny mix tapes)


released January 14, 2014



all rights reserved


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A label offering a sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, rancid taste of what St. Louis, MO has to offer regarding audio sounds. Tapes will be uploaded and offered for sale in due time. Hem and Lock is in constant motion so don't get too close'r you might get kilt. ... more

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